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Army Retention

What is retention in the Army?

The term retention refers to the rate at which military personnel voluntarily choose to stay in the military after their obligated term of service has ended (as determined by their enlistment contract). Imbalances in the retention rate can cause problems within the military personnel system.

What’s the difference between a Retention NCO and a Career Counselor? 

A Retention NCO is a Soldier assigned reenlistment duties as an additional duty on a full or part-time basis. A Career Counselor, advises Soldiers on their careers, to include procedures & eligibility for reenlistment & opportunities available with the USAR & ARNG. If you’re ready to re-enlist, contact a Retention NCO to find out what re-enlistment bonuses and opportunities are available to you, but if you are a Career Counselor or a Retention NCO, and you’ve been charged with getting some great Swag or RPIs, our experienced sales team will help you come up with the very best. Ask around, odds are someone you know is ordering from Sparta and loving it!


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